Product image of FAW 8 ton truck

Reliability and cost-savings are key considerations when investing in 8-ton trucks.  Are you typically brand loyal to previous generation’s preferred brands or are you looking for a truck to increase the productivity of your business?  Buying a brand, like FAW, that has established itself through its exceptional service delivery and truck reliability means minimal downtime and maximum productivity.  Here is what makes FAW one of the best 8-ton truck brands in the Eastern Cape.


FAW has been in South Africa since 1994, and since its arrival, it has established itself as one of the most durable and reliable commercial truck brands in South Africa’s transport industry.  This was accomplished by FAW manufacturers being fully committed to scrupulous testing to create trucks that can endure Africa’s grueling conditions while keeping operational costs sustainable, which has positioned FAW Trucks as a definite ‘value-for-money’ brand of a commercial vehicle.  Reliability and affordability make FAW trucks a world-class product that’s hard to match.


The Eastern Cape is known for its uneven development and with no rail transportation available any more, business owners have been challenged transporting various resources within the province. With the incredible FAW Truck Manufacturing Plant being based in the Eastern Cape it means FAW truck owners will get fast and efficient service to assist with the challenges that come for trading here.  This state-of-the-art plant, which cost R600 million to build, is based in Coega Industrial Development Zone. It is from here that FAW trucks services fleets across Africa, providing not only service and distribution points for new trucks, but also producing and sourcing all parts within the province. This makes the Eastern Cape central to all FAW truck operations, purchases, and maintenance.


The staff at FAW Trucks Eastern Cape pride themselves in offering the best service in the province. They take great pride in maintaining FAW Trucks’ reputation of reliability by ensuring minimal down-time for you.  With driven staff and locally manufactured parts, there is no reason to not offer exceptional service.  Sales and service staff are dedicated to ensuring your trucks and fleet are cared for, with round the clock roadside assistance, maintenance plans, and parts specialists all protecting your vehicle assets.


FAW 15.180FL 8-ton trucks are strong, reliable, and have proven to be valuable across various industries and distances to save in vehicle wear and diesel costs, increasing driver efficacy and business sustainability. The operational uses are also incredibly diverse.  They include hardware, steel, general freight, and landscaping, making the 8-ton truck a winner in manufacturing, agriculture, and construction.  When you buy a FAW 8 ton truck, you’re offered a selection of choice features to allow you to tailor-make your FAW 8-ton track according to your specific needs.


FAW trucks in the Eastern Cape stand out amongst the rest because of the incredible access truck and fleet owners have to regional manufacturing.  Although, the location of the manufacturing plant is not enough.  Owning a large commercial vehicle requires manufacturers to be closely linked to customer service, ensuring that dealerships are fully equipped to provide round the clock service. FAW is committed to keeping your truck’s productivity going.  And with our quality trucks, the plant’s location, and our exceptional service delivery, our 8-ton truck range is an unbeatable commercial vehicle option for all businesses in the Eastern Cape.