Test Drive New FAW 4 Ton Trucks Today

Businesses, delivery, and construction firms can all benefit greatly from owning a FAW 4-ton truck as they are ideal for transporting small to medium loads. When a bakkie is too small but an 8-ton truck too big then the obvious choice is a 4-ton truck. We know that business owners aim for as little hassle as possible when transporting goods, which is why we recommend a reliable FAW truck to assist you with running your business operations. Whether your business needs a light freight carrier to haul goods across the province, or handle the heavy of manufacturing projects, here are all the reasons why you should consider a test-drive in one of FAW’s 4 ton trucks.

Powerful and Reliable Lightweight FAW 4 Ton Trucks – Freight Carrier

FAW truck at a steel manufacturerFAW 4-ton trucks include the FAW 6.130FL (3.5 Ton) and FAW 8.140FL (5 ton) trucks.  The efficiency and reliability of our lightweight trucks have proven over many years to be a hassle-free option, which allows you undisturbed time to focus on other parts of your freight or construction business. Manufactured and serviced directly from the Eastern Cape, FAW Truck’s lightweight freight carriers are powerful and cost-effective commercial vehicles that endure the challenging South African freight and construction industries.

Ergonomically Sound 4 Ton Trucks

Gone are the days where cab interiors are treated as an afterthought and no attention is given to the conforms of truck drivers. Whether it’s a long haul or a short drive, truck driving is one of the hardest jobs on the body, which often leads to drivers suffering from injuries and accidents. FAW Manufactures have made a great effort to create a comfortable yet efficient working environment for FAW 6.130FL (3.5 Ton) and FAW 8.140FL (5 ton) truck drivers.

All our carriers cab interiors are a perfect combination of ergonomic design and comfort. The driver’s position in FAW 4-Ton trucks increases flexibility, productivity, health, and safety with a focus on the driver’s experience. These comfortable working conditions mean that when you buy one of our FAW 4-ton trucks for sale, you will retain your drivers, and save time and hassle of having to replace disgruntled or injured staff.  Come and test one of our FAW trucks for sale and feel what we’re talking about.

Efficient Service Centre for you 4 Ton Trucks

FAW Trucks Service Personnel

Both the FAW 6.130FL (3.5 Ton) and FAW 8.140FL (5 ton) trucks come service plan. The FAW Eastern Cape Service Department utilises highly trained technicians who make use of the highest quality diagnostic equipment in a modern FAW Service Centre to keep down-time to a minimum. We also pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer service while going out of our way to make sure that you receive value and complete customer satisfaction from booking your truck in for a service or repair to delivery of your FAW truck.

Experienced Parts Consultants for your 4 Ton Trucks

FAW Trucks Eastern Cape also carries a wide variety of parts for all FAW Trucks. With all of our commercial vehicle parts being manufactured right here in the Eastern Cape, our experienced parts consultants are available and ready to assist our service department in hardly any time at all, saving your freight or construction projects time and money.


Our FAW 6.130FL (3.5 Ton) and FAW 8.140FL (5 ton) trucks are ideal for all your small to medium-sized loads. Our FAW 4 Ton Trucks are exceptional value for money when you consider that our trucks are manufactured according to the harsh South African climate, the thought that has gone into the cab design, and our exceptional service and delivery. Come and test drive our FAW 4-ton truck for sale today and improve the productivity and efficiency, and ultimately the profitability of your business when you buy one.  We have a test drive booking system on our website.