FAW Trucks history starts with great success in China and it continues through right here to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. Here is the history of this great brand.


FAW Trucks is the commercial vehicle brand of FAW Group Corporation.  The global headquarters are based in Changchun, Jilin province in China, which has a total workforce of nearly 24,800 people and an annual vehicle production capacity of 310,000 trucks.

FAW was the first automobile brand in China. Over 60 years we have manufactured more than 7 million trucks and 7 generations of flagship products.

FAW is committed to being “Top in China, World-class” while delivering value to its customers. We focus on the needs of our customers and deliver outstanding products and services. We continually pursue perfection.


China FAW Group Co., LTD. is a state-owned automotive manufacturer and is one of the largest automotive corporate groups in China.

In 2020, the FAW brand value reached RMB 338.56 billion. FAW also ranked in the top 50 in Fortune Global 500 and the 9th among Chinese Top 500 enterprises.  FAW placed 1st in the automotive industry for 17 consecutive years.


FAW has a team with more than 5,000 top technologists in ten regions of four countries in the world. The focus of this team is on:
1. AI

  1. New materials and processes
  2. Innovations in pioneering design
  3. New energy vehicles
    5. 5G application
    6. Intelligent manufacturing.



FAW’s headquarters and first production facilities were opened on the 15th of July in 1953.  FAW’s conception was an important part of New China’s first five-year plan.  The former Soviet Union entered an agreement supporting industrial cooperation signed by China’s Chairman Mao Zedong and Prime Minister Zhou Enlai with Soviet leaders. This successful collaboration promoted the progress of construction.


1983 The millionth FAW Jiefang truck was rolled off the production line.
1986 The 2nd generation of FAW Jiefang truck CA141 switched production vertically, which completed the second business start-up.


1995 FAW Jiefang 3rd generation 6-ton flathead diesel trucks were put into mass production.
1997 FAW Jiefang 9-ton, 16-ton flathead diesel trucks were put into mass production.


2001 The 3 millionth FAW Jiefang truck was rolled off the production line.
2002 FAW Jiefang 4th-generation product J4 “Big Four” enhanced trucks rolled off the production line.
2003 FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. was founded, and the same year saw the introduction of a new truck base.
2004 FAW Jiefang 5th-generation product AOWEI heavy trucks rolled off the production line.
2007 FAW Jiefang 6th-generation product J6 high-end heavy trucks rolled off the production line.
2009 FAW Jiefang J6 rolled off the production line as the 10 millionth representative model of Chinese automobiles.

2010 – TODAY

2011 The 5 millionth FAW Jiefang truck rolled off the production line.
2014 The 6 millionth FAW Jiefang truck rolled off the production line
2014 FAW Jiefang Qingdao Jimo new base was put into production and FAW Jiefang JH6 heavy trucks and J6F light trucks rolled off the line.
2016 The 60th anniversary of FAW Jiefang Trucks
2017 The cumulative production of J6 reached 700,000 units
2018 FAW Jiefang 7th generation product J7 high-end heavy card rolled off the production line in Changchun.
2018 The 7 millionth FAW Jiefang truck the J7 rolled off the production line at Changchun Truck Plant.
2019 The 1 millionth FAW Jiefang J6 rolled off the production line at Changchun Truck Plant.


On the 10th of July in 2014 the first FAW commercial vehicle was rolled off the assembly line at the FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) LTD production plant at Coega, in the Eastern Cape.  The President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and numerous dignitaries from the Government of China were at this momentous official ribbon-cutting ceremony. South Africa gained USD60 million in investment from this new and exciting venture.

President Zuma said: “Following our BRICS trade agreements, this massive investment by a Chinese Corporation augers well for the future of this partnership between our countries… This is an example to other global companies, which can rest assured that the South African government is doing everything possible to maintain its world-class offering as a springboard into unlocking the potential of the African continent…”

The FAW plant is one of the most important and largest investments made by a Chinese entity in South Africa. The total investment has been financed by China FAW Group Corporation, the China-Africa Development Fund (CAD-Fund) together with FAW Africa Investment Company LTD.  The first phase of the Coega plant, covers 103 000m2 of land and a 28 000m2 plant.

FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) LTD builds locally to sell locally. The Coega plant has the capacity to build 5 000 units per annum. The assembly plant supplies trucks to the South African and the African market.

FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (PTY) LTD  could have gone to Kenya, or Tanzania where FAW has been present for over 30 years. They chose South Africa because of the infrastructure, which is perfectly suited for the task at hand.

FAW Trucks history to today is a South African success story!


In 2019 the Scribante Group aligned with FAW Trucks Eastern Cape to sell FAW Trucks and provide the Eastern Cape clients with top quality product and aftersales solutions.

FAW Eastern Cape subscribes to the FAW vision of total customer satisfaction.

We only use genuine FAW parts during truck maintenance and repairs. FAW Eastern Cape has a world-class support network for fleets.

FAW Trucks have become one of the faster-growing, in terms of truck sales, in the industry. We present cutting edge efficiency, world-class safety features, and environmentally friendly operation while encouraging energy diversity through the use of hybrid and alternate fuel technologies.


We at FAW Trucks Eastern Cape are proud of our brand based on its incredible history, which originated in China and made such an important investment in our country and specifically the Eastern Cape.

FAW Trucks Eastern Cape is contributing to the FAW success story by making it happen each and every day! Get in-touch with us today and keep an eye on our LinkedIn Page for regular FAW News updates.