• FAW Trucks’ partnership with the BHL Group spans ten successful years
  • Two companies with a rich local history continue to make inroads in Southern African markets
  • BHL Group celebrates 25 years as a successful family-owned and -run business  
  • Shared vision for the future motivates continued cooperation

A successful partnership is built on five pillars: open communication, accessibility, flexibility, mutual benefit, and measurable results. Over a ten-year period FAW Trucks has built such a partnership with the BHL Group and today, both companies are reaping the benefits as their representation, impact and success on the African continent continue to gain momentum.

“There is a very strong synergy between the local FAW Trucks operation and the BHL group,” says Yongjun Li, CEO of FAW Trucks SA. “Both companies have a proud local heritage, as well as an enviable reputation for being able to recognise the needs and potential of the African market and catering to that. As a result, both have prospered.”

From humble beginnings to local success

In 1994 Richard H Leiter recognised the potential of bringing an affordable and durable Asian product with an impressive pedigree and rich history to the South African market. Partnering with the FAW Group Corpora