Let’s be honest: the South African economy is not doing too well at the moment. Joblessness is rampant and our local businesses struggle to stay afloat in a shrinking economy. South Africans are looking to small businesses in their communities to keep the economy moving, and the time for saving and optimizing is now. Many of these businesses operate trucks of different shapes and sizes, and keep our farms, logistics, and construction going. Therefore,  businesses that operate commercial vehicles need empathetic customer service, cost-effective maintenance, and local parts to stay afloat. Moreover, they need brands that produce quality trucks and care about servicing them in the long run. But this must not come at the risk of continuous up-selling and hidden costs. The goals of saving and optimizing must be the ethic and vision of a dealership, to ensure commercial vehicle owners are protected. This is what FAW Trucks Eastern Cape can guarantee you, the long-term client who invests in our trucks. So give us the opportunity to provide you with a FAW Trucks review in a post-COVID South Africa.

Truck pricing that makes sense in a stressed economy.

Considering the stresses behind freight, construction, and mining businesses, truck owners need to maximize their up-time and return-on-investment. Fr