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Truck quotes give new or existing clients a better idea of how to plan and budget for their next commercial vehicle purchase. Therefore, it is vital that our pricing is clear and transparent as possible, especially when businesses need to consider the many variables that come with being in logistics, agriculture or construction. Fortunately, our sales team has experience in various industries that use and rely on trucks, so can expect a careful, empathetic and productive sales experience from FAW Trucks Eastern Cape.

Get a truck quote today and start your journey with FAW Trucks Eastern Cape. First, simply fill in the form below. From there, we’ll look at your needs and business type to ensure we recommend the best options for your business. Finally, our sales team will get in touch and present your quotation, or simply mail the pricing you’re looking for.

Our service department is dedicated to meeting your needs and work with local businesses to clearly outline costs and service plans. Furthermore, our accredited financing includes competitive service-plans, parts pricing and additional services that protect your trucks and business. Truck quotes should not be difficult for the client, so let us take the stress out of your search. Please note, all quotes are not final as they may be adjusted to fit client needs, vehicle availability and manufacturing costs. If you have any urgent concerns or questions about our quoting, feel free to get in touch directly with our sales team.

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